CoronaVirus Update

I am still open and operating but with modified procedures

Yes I am still open offering Mobile Service to your home and also from my home studio however the following guidelines now follow:

  • Single bookings only (multiple dogs from one household ok) - To ensure no cross over of customers only one person per allocated time slot with longer gaps between appointments. This does mean less appointments are available so please try not to be late for your appointment.

  • Pets must be left for the duration of the appointment (no holding or watching). If you return to my home studio early please wait in your car until you hear from me. Mobile service please do not enter my trailer and try not to touch any surfaces.

  • Leads and collars will be removed by yourself and i will use my own slip lead upon dropping off your dog. Cats crates will be washed and sanitised on arrival.

  • If you are unwell or someone in your home is unwell or under suspected COVID-19 testing please notify me and reschedule. I will fit your pet in at another time as soon as you are given the all clear.

  • All dogs will be washed immediately on arrival. This means if your dogs has a long or heavy coat your appointment will take extra time as long/heavy coats take more time to dry. Any dogs with matting may require bathing before and after their groom. Therefore allow an extra 30-45minutes for your appointments.

  • All equipment is being cleaned and sanitised between each pet (as it always is).

  • Please limit kissing and face contact (your face on your pet) a few hours before your groom also on collection, please wait until you are back in your car or house as i may need to touch or dog or cat again.